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Today’s evolving media landscape has increased clients’ appetite for keeping their finger on the pulse of a particular issue or crisis, across various news channels – traditional, online and social media. To help fill that growing void, PN has introduced “Porter Novelli Radar 2.0,” our enhanced reputation management and issues monitoring service.


PN Radar 2.0 includes web-based reporting enhancements, legal and regulatory monitoring, and social media geo-tagging to meet the demand for more comprehensive real-time reputation tools. The command center is housed in the agency’s Atlanta office, with additional locations in London and Brussels. PN Radar has served over 50 clients across North America since its launch.


Part of Porter Novelli’s reputation management practice, PN Radar 2.0 is operated by a dedicated team of media analysts who work directly with account teams to provide context around crises or issues. PN Radar offers in-depth analysis of print, broadcast and social media results in an insights-driven report. Additionally, PN Radar Reports can now be delivered in Spanish to address Hispanic markets.

“Team is responsive, attentive to deadlines and delivered an attractive, quality product. Once the request is sent, I never have to worry about whether or not it will be done on time and as requested.”


Crisis and issues monitoring.

We have managed projects covering a wide variety of topics, including environmental concerns, security vulnerabilities, automobile accidents, food poisoning, disability lawsuits and international consumer data breaches.


A dedicated team.

Our committed team of media analysts can help you track the issues most important to you without requiring you to read every piece of news or social media comment.


Insightful analysis.

We provide valuable human insight via a manual analysis of print, broadcast and social media. We distill this coverage down into a digestible report focusing on overarching themes and key pieces of coverage.



Print & Online News.

Porter Novelli Radar uses several tools and search engines to find as many pieces of relevant news as possible. Access to specific trade and niche publications may be limited.


Broadcast Segments.

Porter Novelli Radar has access to television segments airing in any market in the U.S. within five minutes of airing. We have access to some national Canadian and U.K. outlets as well as limited access to radio.


Social Media.

We can pull and analyze publicly accessible social media posts. Due to privacy laws and limitations, we are not able to report on any information posted to private accounts. For example, if a news website states an article has been tweeted 3,000 times, we may only have access to 1,000 of those tweets due to privacy restrictions.

“I believe the timely nature of the report demonstrated Radar’s value to the prospect and helped to seal the win.”


PN Radar Reports can be delivered via password-protected online documents with links to pertinent articles, videos and other information. Reports can also be delivered in hard copies by request, and all reports are fully customizable. PN Radar is able to white-label reports at a client’s request. For active issues and crisis management, PN Radar’s control center offers two-way video communications for real-time collaboration.


PN Radar offers several different deliverables, including:


Email report

Short email updates provided once or twice daily.



PN Radar report format limited to essential information due to low volume of coverage. Contains an executive summary, key quotes and “by the numbers” information for all media.


Full PN Radar report

Full report includes all information as the one-pager as well as separate sections dedicated to print & online news, broadcast coverage and social media conversation.



Daily/weekly issues monitoring

Email reports containing relevant news and summaries for issue or crisis-related coverage.


Custom monitoring

Brief email updates on a regular basis (up to every hour) to keep a pulse on emerging news and issues.

“Team is always very responsive, polite and invariably provides the type and detail of information we typically don’t have the resources to track.”


Radar Reports

Please contact your Porter Novelli account manager to obtain an estimate.


Auxiliary Services & Costs

TV Clips: $75/clip
TV Clip transcripts: $50/transcript


Using PN Radar is easy: Simply ask your Porter Novelli account team, email PNRadar@porternovelli.com or call 1-855-RADAR55. We will follow up to ensure we have all the necessary details before initiating work.


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